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Alta Natura

How often do we want to get rid of the feeling of chronic fatigue and excessive fatigue? Do you know that often one of the main causes is magnesium deficiency? In fact, magnesium food insufficiency is a very common phenomenon, caused by incorrect processing and cooking of food. Learning to integrate it correctly can improve the tone of each day.

Supreme Magnesium by Natural Point is a food supplement with a special blend of ingredients that ensure maximum bioavailability of magnesium. Since 1993 it has been produced according to an original formula, with a dedicated cycle, without GMOs or contamination of foreign substances, NRV (reference nutritional value) and optimal pH, for a complete assimilation of the mineral. Once dissolved in water, this pleasant taste formula is converted into magnesium citrate, one of the most easily and rapidly assimilable forms of magnesium in our body.

What magnesium is useful for Magnesium is the most important mineral for the body, it is like a precision watch that regulates the sophisticated body mechanisms. Just think that it activates over 300 different biochemical reactions, all necessary for the proper functioning of our body. There are many organic processes in which it is involved, such as: energy metabolism, electrolyte balance, nervous system functioning, protein synthesis, muscle functions, cell division. Magnesium depends on the absorption and metabolism of all other major minerals (including calcium, potassium and sodium) and also on many vitamins (vitamin C and vitamin E, vitamins of the B complex). Magnesium is a valuable aid for bones and teeth and for the proper functioning of nerves and muscles, including the heart. A magnesium deficiency can manifest itself with irritability, nervousness or tension, restless sleep, stress, premenstrual syndrome, bone fragility or calcium deficiency, constipation, spasms, tremors and muscle cramps, stiffness and muscle pain, difficulty falling asleep. Why are our magnesium reserves constantly in danger? The cause must be sought in the stressful rhythms of modern life and in unbalanced diets. Ingredients: Acidifier: citric acid, magnesium carbonate. Supreme Magnesium when dissolved in water turns into magnesium citrate. Slight variations in flavor, from one batch to another, do not affect the quality and quality of the product. They are attributable to the process of processing raw materials. Council of use 1-2 teaspoons of powder per day (equal to about 2.4 g each), or 1-2 sachets of powder per day (equal to about 2.4 g of powder each) to be dissolved in hot water, as if whether it was hot tea or herbal tea. It is recommended to wait for the drink to become transparent before consuming it. Packaging: 32 sachets