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Evidol joints - Wellness on the move


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Natural Point

Cartilage and joint disorders affect over 4 million Italians, with a higher incidence in women. It is estimated that they affect about 60% of the over-60s and that it occurs more frequently in the cervical and lumbar spine, knee, hip and hand. It is therefore necessary to support the joint cartilages in a targeted and natural way in order to be able to carry out all the activities of our life in the best way!


Evidol Articamenti is a food supplement based on Fortigel®, OptiMSM® (organic sulfur), glucosamine and chondroitin. Thanks also to the presence of vitamin C, which contributes to the normal formation of collagen, it is useful for the normal function of cartilages.

What is useful and how does it work

The formula contains Fortigel®, a patented raw material based on collagen, the main protein of the osteo-articular system. Collagen plays a pivotal role in cartilage metabolism, which must be maintained in a correct balance between degradation and regeneration. Important studies have shown how Fortigel® is rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract reaching the articular areas. Through a particular clinical study, associated with a specific magnetic resonance, it was possible to demonstrate how Fortigel® actually reached the cartilage in particular between the femur and tibia. This exceptional result was achieved through a long study on collagen to identify the optimal size of the collagen molecules that could arrive in the cartilages. In this way Fortigel® proves to be highly specific and selective, therefore requiring a lower daily dosage. Fortigel® can be shown to be of support especially in over-50, overweight, sportsmen, etc. Furthermore, an excellent safety profile has been proven as no interactions with drugs or other ingredients have been recorded. The formula contains vitamin C which has many functions, but the main one is the support of the processes that lead to collagen synthesis. Collagen is formed by chains of amino acids that are modified by specific enzymes "converters" to allow the correct union between the individual fibrils to form the true supporting structure, or the collagen fiber. Vitamin C is inserted in this context as an essential element for the correct functioning of enzymes. A serious deficiency of vitamin C can cause an incorrect work by the "converting" enzymes leading therefore to the formation of inadequate collagen fibers, therefore to the consequent weakening of the structures that contain collagen. To enrich the formulation we find OptiMSM® (Methyl-sulfonyl-methane), a form of easily assimilable organic sulfur of high quality, stability and purity, obtained thanks to the molecular distillation process that allows to separate and eliminate the contaminants possibly present in the matter before. In the MSM organism it is fundamental for the well-being of the joints, since the bonds that sulfur is able to form contribute to stabilize the collagen, making it more efficient in supporting all the tissues. Sulfur therefore participates in the processes that support the well-being of cartilage-joints. OptiMSM® has been used in various scientific studies, highlighting the remarkable degree of effectiveness and the high quality standard that characterizes it. No interactions between OptiMSM® and drugs, herbal extracts, vitamins or other minerals have been shown. To complete the profile of the product there are glucosamine and chondroitin, structural components of the articular cartilage. Their use in food supplements in the joint environment is widespread and considered safe by several studies.

Our advice for use: We recommend taking one sachet a day, dissolving the powder in a glass of water, preferably away from the meal.