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Bread, Pasta, Dairy and other VELENI Tour 2019


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GeoPaleoDiet Eventi

In this new edition of the GeoPaleo Tour, completely renewed, you will discover: Because nutrition is absolutely not (as the various gurus and many nutritionists tell you EVERY DAY), a question of calories and therefore counting them obsessively will make you obsessively, uselessly, even you Because 90% of the world's diseases (except for genetic diseases) depend ONLY on food. It is NOT the "misfortune", it is NOT Jesus Christ, it is NOT Allah, it is only in small part "genetic", it is NOT the cynical and cheating destiny. It is only the assumption of completely wrong foods for our body, but they are passed off all over the world for benefits (such as the famous "whole grains" or "calcium filled dairy products to strengthen bones"). Because the Mediterranean Diet, considered by many nutritionists and doctors (and also by you who are reading), the best food in the world is actually the WORST, second only to the American one. The whole history of global deception perpetrated against humanity. Because it is not true that SALT hurts, another absurd legend now installed in our minds, just like the one that fats are harmful to the body. Actually the salt does very well, taking MALE a little while ago and also depends on the type used. All the tests. Because the sun does NOT age and does NOT cause skin cancer, rather it is protective against tumors and is essential for life, health and sporting performance. How to accurately calculate your diet according to your DNA. To explain you the reasons for my affirmation and how to obtain your TRUE power, I planned 15 dates all over Italy, so you don't even have to take long journeys to learn more! Come on, choose the nearest city and click the button above to register! You will have these extraordinary and exclusive Bonuses:

Bonus # 1: The first 4 issues of "LeRegolediTozzi Magazine"

Bonus # 2 ---> 4 double DVDs with the first 16 episodes of "LeRegolediTozzi" - 10 hours of Video.

Bonus # 3 ----> 6-month subscription (three numbers) to RegolitoTozzi Magazine (

400 pages +10 hours of pure EXCLUSIVE information video for your health, fitness and well-being!

Dates (Hours: 18: 30-23: 00) Attention, present yourself at 6:00 pm for the bonus delivery practices - Rome 31 March Location: Grand Hotel Tiberio, Via Lattanzio, 51. Site: Parking: free inside. - Turin 19 May - Vicenza, June 16th - Rome, July 14th P.Š. Attention: for organizational reasons, the reservation must be made at least 7 days before the date of the tour. Subsequently we cannot guarantee the place. Hours: 19: 00-23: 00

Attention: the paper ticket will not be sent, just print the confirmation email and present it at the entrance. For this reason, it is not possible to pay cash on delivery.

For information on parking arrangements, please contact the event locations.

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