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The Rules of Tozzi - GeoPaleoDiet Show. Double Video DVD - Episodes 9-16


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"The Rules of Tozzi" - GeoPaleoDiet Show " Double DVD - Episodes 9-16 Virtually everything you know about nutrition has no logical foundation: here are the other 5 hours of tests BUY HERE - FREE WITH THE FIRST NUMBER OF THE NEW CLAUDIO TOZZI MAGAZINE! Claudio Tozzi, author in 2000 of the first article on the Paleo Diet in Italy, the Italian sports bestseller BIIOSystem and collaborator of SkySport, in a series of video-interviews against the mainstream (and not only) that will change your health forever, shape physics and sporting performance. Leads: Alessandra Amori DVD VOLUME 2 - disc 1 Episodes 9-12 # 9: The Crunchies are very bad: Paleo-Pets (Duration 34:51) # 10: Autoimmune Diseases: here is the ONLY Cause (Duration 36:49) # 11: Why Mercury can ruin your life (Duration 35:15) # 12: Testosterone: how to do it Go up in 30 days (Duration 33:05) Disk 2 Episodes 13-16 # 13 Paleo-Swimming: increase the Performance in 30 days (Duration 24:35) # 14 Live longer (and well) with Omega 3 (Duration 42:42) # 15 Does the Paleo MAKE? My response to the "Corriere" (Duration 39:30) # 16 Eat Fat for Weight Loss: Paleo-Metabolics (Duration 32:37) Claudio Tozzi He is considered the "guru" of Italian fitness, of the Paleo diet, of well-being and of anti-aging and wrote in 2000 the first article in Italy on the Paleo Diet. He wrote the bestseller "Metodo BIIOSystem", since 2001 the best-selling sports book of all time, with a record of 15 reissues and 30,000 copies sold, is considered the greatest success in the field of fitness in Italy of all time , so as to be included in the official teaching program by the University of Motor Sciences of Turin, recommended text at the Motoria Cattolica of Milan. He was co-author of the best-selling books of Dr. F. Duranti "THE CIRCLE VIRTUOSO DEL BENESSERE", "THE 100 RULES OF WELL-BEING - NOT ONLY MEDICINE" and "FOR EVERY YOUTH" (together with Dr. Gianluca Pazzaglia) . In 2011 he organized the first conference on the 'Paleo Diet' of which he was moderator / speaker with Prof. Loren Cordain, lecturer in the department of health and physical sciences of Colorado State University and author of the world bestseller "The Paleo Diet" He collaborated with the GVM clinic in Rome in the field of autoimmune diseases. He currently collaborates with a column of nutrition and sports training on the site SKYSPORT, and RadioRadio and was interviewed by Gazzetta dello Sport. In 2018 he organized the first official Certification Course GeoPaleoDiet and Primal Credits: - Location: GeoPaleoDiet, Via Baldo degli Ubaldi 186-188 - 00167 - Rome - Shooting and editing: Carlo Berruti - Furniture: Rome Style Office - Make-up Stylist: Francesca Bonanni - Claudio Tozzi wears Gutteridge - Alessandra Amori wears Guess - Initial reference: The beginning of the night - Kaledon (from the album: "CARNAGUS: Emperor Of The Darkness": 2017)

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