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GEOPALEODIET: for physical and mental efficiency in 30 days


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Lose your weight, increase your concentration, stimulate memory and fight tiredness.

Without counting calories or quantities, abandoning the Mediterranean diet,the greatest misfortune ever to humanity, forever and without regrets.

For decades they have convinced us that, to have the right energy for study, work and sport, the maximum was (and is ...) eating so many "complex" carbohydrates such as pasta, bread and pizza.

To lose weight instead the mythological biscuits with jam in the morning, ingest fewer calories than you take and "do some exercise". And eat so many dairy products for "calcium that are good for bones" and legumes for "fiber".NOTHING EVERYTHING IS TRUE.

Claudio Tozzi's Geo Paleo Diet takes the responsibility of destroying all these myths, starting from the history of our evolution.Man has been genetically settled for millions of years not to eat cereals, milk and legumes, because they are almost never consumed up to about 10.000 years ago, when agriculture was introduced into the world.This evidence is supported by as many as 160 international scientific studies that have confirmed the extraordinary qualities such as:

# 1 loss of body fat without any caloric control and / or quantity of food;.
# 2 better concentration and memory
# 3 better physical performance in terms of power and endurance (power lift/marathon)
# 4 prevention and / or remission of many diseases such as diabetes, insulin resistance, cardiovascular diseases, fatt liver, high cholesterol and triglycerides, intestinal inflammation and autoimmune diseases (Hashimoto, RCU, Chron, etc.), cancer.

In this text you will find the guidelines to start the GeoPaleoDiet and a typical week to start.

In addition, as a bonus, an extraordinary guida to supplements Vitamin C, D, K2, Omega 3, etc. (which do NOT hurt "kidneys and liver" as you say EVERYBODY) are fundamental to reach a physical and mental efficiency never reached before.

This book is dedicated to new arrivals to GeoPaleoDiet, who also want to learn more about supplements and its effective dosages.

1 Geopaleodiet: the diet of the future comes from the past
2 Vitamin D3: how much Vitamin D is necessary to reach Optimal Levels
3 Vitamin D3 for children : the 11 things you absolutely need to know if your child suffers from vitamin D deficiency
4 Vitamin K2: Arterial calcification? Perhaps it can be destroyed forever with Vitamin K2-MK7
5 Ratio between D3 and K2: why should Vitamin K2 be supplemented together with Vitamin D?
6 Collagen: softer skin, anti-wrinkle, less joint pain in 30 days
7 Vitamin C: Destroy Fever, Flu and Herpes in 24 hours with Vitamin C
8 Omega 3: The Mysteries of the Omega-3: The Secret Code Revealed
for your health
9 Candida: can't you lose weight? Maybe you have Candida
10 Muscle Detox: you lose up to 4 Kg in 9 days
11 MTHFR: the 4 things you absolutely need to know if you suffer from Attention deficit / Hyperactivity, Depression, Cardiovascular diseases etc. and you don't know why

Bonus: weekly menu GeoPaleoDiet
Pages: 304
Author: Claudio Tozzi.

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