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COCONUT BUTTER BIO-raw food 200/500 ml


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Cibo Crudo

Differences between COCOA BUTTER and coconut oil and how to use them in the kitchen.

COCONUT BUTTER: It tastes sweet because it also contains the pulp and the coconut milk, exquisite ate to fast directly from the jar or to create sweets spoons.

In English often found written coconut butter but are coconut oil, both creates confusion because the coconut oil when the temperature drops below 24° becomes solid like butter but the taste is not the same as the real "cocoa butter".

COCONUT OIL: It has the flavor of coconut but not sweet like butter, it can be used in cooking to flavor but mostly you use often mixed with cocoa butter to create the chocolates or chocolate sauces.

It's great also used on the skin, I always recommend to get some from large can, put it in another container and keep it aside for skin and hair is an excellent moisturizer 100% natural.

Important: In winter is the butter that coconut oil does not need to be refrigerated. Enjoy your meal!