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Non-Hydrogenated COCONUT OIL BIO-FOOD-Not Deodorized Unrefined-'' PANELA ''


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Virgin coconut Oil cold pressed from fresh pulp, not jerky.

The ripe coconuts, once collected, are opened and their pulp is rich in nutrients, is cold pressed (with this wording means generally that you processing exceeds a temperature of 40° C).

This process occurs within 3 hours from the opening of the shell: the subsequent cold extraction allows to obtain an oil color sand (in liquid and white when it is solid) and fresh coconut flavour which preserves the nutrients whose flesh is rich. The crystal clear clarity and color make a difference!

Pack of 300 grams



Food-Organic coconut oil-Panela


  • Cold pressed from fresh dried Pulp
  • Unbleached
  • Not deodorized
  • Unrefined
  • Not hydrogenated
  • Does not contain GM ingredients
  • Processed within 3 hours with pulp

It's a Virgin oil with a delicate hint of coconut, rich in saturated fatty acids at chain short to medium MCT-MCFA (not to be confused with hydrogenated fats or refined oil of Palm, the latter obtained from oil palm elaeis guineensis and not from the coconut palm cocos nucifera) including the well-known lauric acid, element is also present in breast milk.

The cultivation of Palm trees is not working and not making use of intensive industrial processes of refining, bleaching and deodorization.

It's an oil with multiple properties, which is also known in the herbal and cosmetic.

It can be used in the kitchen or eaten as is.

Above 25° C no liquid enters the alteration of its properties. You do not need to store it in the refrigerator.


It is a very versatile product suitable for multiple uses (in lieu of extra virgin olive oil in the ratio 1:1 while instead of butter in the ratio 80 g per 100 g of butter): both for baking that preparations to fry, since it has a high smoke point and is very stable in cooking.


Also suitable for cooking fish (shellfish skipped) and exotic recipes with chicken or meat.

Great as a base for spreads, it matches perfectly with the chocolate and cocoa. Ideal if spread on bread or biscuits, alone or in combination with fruit-based jams.

Do you know that ...

1) organic virgin coconut Oil cold-worked, even better if obtained from the fresh pulp and dried coconuts not mature, is a food that preserves the energy of "plan of Life" because it is not subject to proceedings as refining, Bleaching and Deodorization typical of industrial processes of pulp (Palm or coconut), once it was dried and often ferment in land.

With these procedures, certainly faster and cheaper, but also remove precious elements ... once again is the case to say that they are not the fruits of the Earth to be "good" or "bad" but the difference is human intervention.

2) Nell'Olio virgin coconut over 70% of fats are Medium-chain saturated fats, the so-called Medium Chain Fatty Acids, which according to recent scientific studies have distinctly different characteristics compared to ordinary saturated fat consumed should be limited.

2) Lauric acid, one of the constituents of breast milk, is present with a quantity next to the 50% virgin coconut oil.

3) the contents of Palmitic acid, unlike the palm oil where it represents a significant share of the lipid fraction, is less than 8-10%.

4 Virgin coconut Oil), contains about 7% unsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

5) The organic coconut, in most cases, are not grown extensively, thereby safeguarding the ecosystem in which they grow.

NB. Pure coconut oil is temperature sensitive: below 23 degrees is solid, but just take a little in my hands, which heats up and back to a more liquid consistency.


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