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Alka Water, liquid Alkalinizing - New Size 42ml


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New format, bigger
From today with 42 ml pack instead of the old 37 ml format

AlkaWater is an innovative and exclusive concentrated alkaline liquid supplement, which added to drinking water is useful for raising the pH of drinking water.

With its minerals (potassium, sodium, chlorine, selenium, boron, molybdenum) and its trace elements present in the right proportion in the exclusive natural salt solution, the physiological acid-base balance of the body strengthens the immune system.

New formula!

AlkaWater is a new formulation of an alkaline concentrate useful for raising the pH of drinking water. Through its mineral ions and thanks to the naturally present trace elements in the Himalayan crystalline salt used, it supports and supports the physiological acid-base balance of our body. The predominant mineral of this preparation is potassium which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, normal muscle functions and maintenance of blood pressure also facilitated by the presence of sodium present in the solution in a physiological relationship with potassium. The presence of chlorine contributes, inside the stomach, to the production of hydrochloric acid which favors digestion. Moreover, this supplement contributes, through the contribution of selenium, to the normal function of the immune system, to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and to normal thyroid function, an effect also reinforced by boron which also contributes to normal cognitive function, to bone maintenance normal, normal cardiovascular functions and normal protection against heavy metals. And again, through molybdenum, it contributes to the normal metabolism of amino acids. The right amount of water (at least 2 liters per day) contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive functions and to the regulation of body temperature. A simple glass of water to stay healthy!

This concentrate has been designed to be used with any good drinking water provided it is not carbonated and not excessively rich in bicarbonates (HCO3-), preferably below 150 mg / l.

All the mineral waters with a fixed residue of no more than 250 mg / l are fine (even better 150 mg / l) and also purified water with reverse osmosis systems that are able to regulate the fixed residue at will. Therefore, it can be used with most commercial mineral waters, with distilled water and appropriately filtered tap water.

To know the pH with the precision you want to achieve, use litmus paper or other pH control systems. The maximum recommended pH value for drinking water is that indicated in Decree Law 31/2001, ie ph 9.5.

Dosage and method of recruitment
Dilute 5 drops in half a liter of natural mineral water with a fixed residue of no more than 250 mg / l. Every day, drink 3 to 5 half-liter bottles of treated water, according to your body weight (30 cc per kg of body weight), preferably before meals because digestion is facilitated. Shake the bottle before taking the drops.

Ingredients Distilled water, potassium chloride, potassium hydroxide, boric acid, sodium molybdate dihydrate, sodium selenite, sodium chloride (Himalayan crystalline salt). How to have alkaline water? Picking it up directly from numerous springs and mountain streams. Using the water ionizer as the Japanese and Russians have been doing for over 40 years, and Americans for 30 years. Using a few drops of Alka Water as indicated in the dosage on the label. Why use AlkaWater? As we have just said, there are various ways to get good alkaline water. Well, the most practical, immediate and economical way is to raise the appropriately filtered drinking water (or natural mineral water in the bottle) to the desired pH using AlkaWater alkaline concentrate. The effectiveness of AlkaWater is determined by the immediate bioavailability of its minerals (potassium, sodium, chlorine, selenium, boron, molybdenum) and trace elements that contribute to maintaining the acid-base balance and to strengthening the immune system of our body. Warnings Dietary supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep the product away from children under three years of age. Do not use it as it is caustic. Do not exceed the recommended dose. After 6-12 months of continuous use, we recommend using it for 20 days out of 30. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and wounds: in case of contact, rinse thoroughly. Discontinue use in case of hypersensitivity

Acid-base balance
The main task of the human body is to keep the acid-base balance constant. We derive the energy necessary for our bodily functions from food. After the energy has been transferred from the food, acid waste remains.

The body tries to do its best to get rid of these acids through urine, sweating and exhaling carbon dioxide. Some toxic acids cannot be easily removed by the methods just mentioned. Therefore, the body removes calcium from the skeletal system to neutralize these excesses of acid toxins and create a safer environment, however, causing a reduction in bone density.

The human body is a surprising machine designed for maximum survival.

When one part is damaged, other parties try to compensate. Although this could lead to long-term damage, its priority is immediate survival. Food continually produces acid waste that adds to that of cellular metabolism and the body does its best to eliminate it. However, if the body does not have a sufficient supply of alkaline minerals, it cannot dispose of 100% of such acid waste.

In order to maintain constant blood pH, the body adopts a skilled stratagem: it converts liquid acids into solid acids, cholesterol and fatty acids, avoiding the lowering of blood pH. ENGINEERING STRATEGY!

What is the long-term damage to this strategic process? The blood, thickening, slows down the circulation to such an extent that it does not supply enough oxygen and nutrients to the vital organs thus causing any kind of disease and, possibly, death.

This is the inevitable result when acid-base imbalance tends towards acidity. At this point, the body needs external help to raise the alkaline level and restore the acid-base balance.

The water restores and nourishes the cells The human body at birth is composed of over 80% alkaline water: this is to compensate for the acids produced by cellular and digestive metabolism. And it is no coincidence that amniotic fluid and breast milk are alkaline. If our food is too acidic and if we don't drink enough alkaline water, with age, our body dehydrates and becomes acid. The health and life of our cells are not compatible with an acidic environment, which is why we are victims of premature aging and premature death. Now that we know the cause of our health problems, we can defend ourselves by drinking sufficient living and alkaline water.

Alkaline water is the best solvent and antioxidant We all know that water is the universal solvent: no one would think of washing dirty clothes with any other liquid (milk, wine, gasoline, etc.). How to use clean water to clean dirty objects and clothes, especially to clean the inside of our body. The water we drink serves three essential functions: production of hydroelectric energy, transport to the cells of nutrients and elimination of metabolic and non-metabolic waste. Drinking water must be pure and alive, so as to perform the aforementioned functions to the maximum. Live and bioactive water is found naturally in some springs and in the streams that flow from the high mountains. The Japanese have been using apparatus (water ionizers) for 50 years that revitalize the common tap water making it similar to that of some famous springs known since ancient times for their beneficial virtues. Alkaline water, therefore, is the best and cheapest antioxidant because it promotes greater elimination of metabolic acid waste, including free radicals. AlkaWater and ionized alkaline water The AlkaWater is also indicated to improve the alkalinity of alkaline water in water ionizers. To achieve this, alkaline water from the 1st / 2nd level ionizer is used and the necessary drops are added to reach the highest desired pH. This method reduces the level of Ca ++ ions (the excess of which could cause coagulation defects, hinder the nervous, muscular and renal systems; it could interfere with the effects of Verapamil, which is a vasodilator, cause arteriosclerosis, heart disease, osteoarthritis, ischemic attacks, kidney diseases, etc.) without having to renounce the use of high pH levels, obtained with the supply of adequate quantities of K + and Na + ions present in the alkaline concentrate. Why, then, chloride ion (Cl-) together with potassium and sodium? Without it there can be no production of hydrochloric acid (with all the consequences on the digestive level) and without the production of hydrochloric acid there is no production of bicarbonates (with inevitable consequences on the acid-base balance on a digestive and metabolic level). The role of chlorine is of primary importance in the homeostatic process of the acid-base balance since it is an essential complementary element.