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"Squat e Stacco"- An innovative biomechanical approach-DVD


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Squat & Stacco

The squat is a great exercise for your thighs, very good for stimulation of muscle mass to increase speed in ski/sprinter/football players and generally for force development.

However this exercise, done in the traditional way, i.e. with the legs not too wide apart and with the bends not complete, only allows a moderate activating the gluteus medius, while the large is only activated when the bends is very deep.

Consequently the squat, as commonly is run, it is a good exercise for the quadriceps, but not optimal for your buttocks and for sports performance in General.

In fact, your buttocks are powerful muscles, so if they are activated only in part, the performance is limited, as their growth. Also the spine is better protected from injury because the lumbar vertebral wrong rebound, causing damage.

This video teaches us a new biomechanical approach to enforcement of the squat (but also the deadlift), i.e. going further back with the hip and at the same time do some specific exercises for the reactivation of the buttocks.

Based on international scientific studies and tried with great success on hundreds of athletes of any sport, both speed and endurance, this new approach to the squat is revolutionizing the lower body workout, with extraordinary results in terms of mass, stiffness, since the buttocks begin to grow like never before!

Not only that, but with exercises called patterns, used by almost all the teams of football/basketball, but also from the American National Marathon, illustrated step by step in this DVD, you can reactivate your buttocks and posture in order to prepare our body to the extraordinary performances of speed, strength and endurance.

The DVD is edited by Claudio Tozzi (author of the bestselling "the science of Natural Body Building-BAJO Method") with very good doctor Chiropractor Idris Baba and his staff, has a duration of intense 124 minutes that will revolutionize your workout!