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PS NATURAL 300 - Lower Cortisol Naturally


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Phosphatidylserine (ps): why is powerful?

The Phosphatidylserine (ps) is a Phospholipid that is cell membranes.

It is present in some protein foods, but it is mainly produced by our body.

Before it was discovered his ability to lower cortisol, was already used for its effects on memory and cognitive faculties.

It is also useful to increase the concentration and promote the mental and physical recovery during times of stress or where do you need high levels of concentration.

Subsequently, several studies have shown that taking phosphatidylserine (ps), could also be useful to sporty, in particular to the bodybuilder, in consideration of its potent anti-cortisol.

Several scientific studies * have shown that phosphatidylserine (ps):

  • reduces fatigue during workouts
  • maintains high testosterone levels
  • reduces cortisol between 20-35%

Phosphatidylserine (ps), usually located in Phospholipid derived from soy supplements and titrated to 20%.

ps natural 300 is totally different:

  • well 300 mg phospholipids per Tablet
  • extracted from Sunflower (no soy)
  • titrated bmp 50%
  • high titration other phospholipids
  • rich in vitamin c (300% rda)

Nutritional values
nutritional values 100 g * dose ** RDA * * *
phospholipids from girasole
including phosphatidylserine
33.3 g
17 g
300 mg
150 mg
vitamin c 26.7 g 240 mg 300%
Vitamin b3 5.3 g 48 mg 300%
Vitamin b5 2.0 g 18 mg 300%
Vitamin b6 467 mg 4.2 mg 300%
Vitamin b12 833 mcg 7.5 mcg 300%
* means of product
* cpr 1 900 mg/each.
recommended daily intake

phospholipids from Sunflower (50%), vitamin c calibrated in the phosphatidylserine, cellulose, vitamin b3, vitamin b5, vitamin b6 and vitamin b12. rheological stabilizers:
silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, polyvidone

Use tips:
You can ' taking 1 tablet at meals.

Package: from 30 tablets