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Zeolite: Removes heavy metals and Toxins-Anti-Aging, capable of improving mental performance and sports


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Alta Natura

Compositum ZEOLITE ® is a class IIa medical device certified by the ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Cod. 0373), equipped with exclusive physical activity (mechanical) for a targeted clinical uses and devoid of any metabolic effect of relevance.

Compositum ZEOLITE ® sells mineral ions are essential to carry out biological functions, picking from the bloodstream heavy metals and toxins produced by industrial activity, endogenous and pollution from food metabolism (nitrous oxides and ammonia, urea, nitric, derived nitrosamines, aflatoxins, additives, smoking, alcohol, carbonated drinks, sweetened and overconsumption of substitute sweeteners, preservatives, excipients, pesticides, radiation, Anti-proliferative, OGM, instrumental therapies and drug abuse , etc.).

Compositum ZEOLITE ® plays an intense Antiaging, Antiaging, immunomodulating, reflex activity stimulating diuresis, remineralizing, able to improve mental performance and sports during periods of intense work and study, not least a strong function antacid and gastroprotective.

Compositum ZEOLITE ® is suitable for everyone; children, young and old, male and female, particularly for those living in big cities or who leads an incorrect lifestyle, want to step in and prevent the phenomena of organic degeneration, toxicosis and premature aging.

Safe and non-toxic; traces of the mineral are totally eliminated via 6/8 hours after the last intestinal intake, being completely ejected with the load of toxins absorbed.


Protect your body and reactivate the energies. Live in full vitality and harmony.

The extraordinary properties of Zeolite Compositum ®:
  • Organic Cleanser (protects the body from the damages of smoking, alcohol, stress, environmental pollution, heavy metals, radioactive pollution-food)
  • antioxidant (contrasts oxidative processes-degenerative, stimulates the defenses)
  • remineralizing
  • alkalizing (prevents the phenomena of acidosis)
  • stimulates diuresis
  • anti-age

For whom is recommended

Compositum Zeolite ® is for everyone and is an indispensable help:

  • for those who live in urban centers with strong pollution
  • in case of alimentary toxicosis
  • for anyone who is subjected to strong mental stress
  • for those who face daily excessive physical activity
  • to prevent skin aging
  • to prevent organic degeneration

Instructions for use and dosage

Take, preferably before main meals, 3 g per day of Compositum ®, corresponding to 1 scoop or Zeolite to 6 capsules.

In the case of elevated oxidative stress you can double the dose.
In the first 2 weeks of taking it is recommended to start with the lowest dosage.

Compositum Zeolite ® can be taken with water, still water, but also with milk, yogurt, juice and freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Respecting the integrity of ingredients and formulation, balance Geomedical chose not to add flavorings or flavor creamers.

Pack of 150 capsules

NET content:
88.5 grams

Ingredients per capsule: Chabazite-based volcanic rock and mostly Phillipsite (500 mg), 100 Capsule in vegetable cellulose (90 mg).


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