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Post Workout

Post Workout Anabolic Recovery - Supplement 500 g

Post Workout Anabolic Recovery - Supplement 500 g

€ 64,00

The post-workout period is by far the most important moment for those who want to build a better body. What you do in 2-4 hours after a workout can determine the type of income you make and if you'll become stronger or not. Now defines "anabolic window". In the light of the reasoning by which muscles need amino acids in the post-workout to take advantage of the "anabolic window", laboratories Net supplements have formulated anabolic recovery: a postworkout plumping for everyone, both for those who wish to use only a product "all in one" , but also by those who want to optimise its integration with a product to which must be added very little to provide all the support post workout. Into Anabolic Recovery are present and in high dosage the following amino acids: micronized glutamine: it promotes cell volumization, increase protein synthesis and decrease protein breakdown matrix creatine: a trade mark with micronized creatine and creatine akg Creatine can increase muscle mass, strength and muscle size Leucine : among the 3 branched chain is what acts directly in increasing protein synthesis, in the protection of proteins. Insulin stimulating action without stressing the pancreas and in synergy with the glutaminafavorisce the synthesis of hormones such as mtor. citrulline malate: significant reduction in the sensation of fatigue, contrast of lactic acid build up. Anabolic Recovery is completed by the presence of alanine, phenylalanine, taurine, ornithine and aspartic acid (with recognized hormonal pro). Interesting is the presence of PROLINE which also promotes the recovery on the joints and favouring cell collagen synthesis. Nutritional values 100 g * dose ** energy value 55.68 kcal 232 kj 13.93 kcal 58 kj palatinose ™ (Isomaltulose) 23.2 g 5.8 g ajinomoto ® micronized glutamine 20.0 g 5.0 g l-Leucine 12.0 g 3.0 g creatine matrix ™ of which creatine akg micronized creatine 200 mesh 16.8 g 10.8 g 6.0 g 4.2 g 2.7 g 1.5 g taurine 4.0 g 1.0 g l-alanine 4.0 g 1.0 g l-phenylalanine 4.0 g 1.0 g Ornithine chetglutarato (okg) 4.0 g 1.0 g l-aspartic acid 3.2 g 0.8 g citrulline malate 2.4 g 0.6 g ProLine 2.4 g 0.6 g * means of product * 1 scoop of 25 g Ingredients: palatinose ® (Isomaltulose), ajinomoto ® micronized glutamine, l-Leucine, creatine matrix ™ ˜ (creatine akg, creatine 200 mesh), taurine, l-alanine, l-phenylalanine, l-ornithine ketoglutarate (okg), l-aspartic acid, citrulline malate, PROLINE, flavoring, sodium bicarbonate, silicon dioxide, sucralose, spirulina Terms of use: take 1 scoop (25 g) right after training. Integrating post-workout can be completed taking simultaneously gac 19 and Anabolic Recovery. package: from 500 g

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