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Dried fruit

Dried Apricots - 250 g

Dried Apricots - 250 g

€ 9,70

Perhaps the most important property of dried apricots  is to maintain layers of minerals normally found in fresh fruit: this drying process under 42° which retains all the qualities of food as well as nature created it. If you close your eyes while you take one out of the box and put it in your mouth, your palate will seem to taste freshly picked from an apricot tree! From a nutritional standpoint, dried apricots, are characterized by a very low fat content; They also have natural sugar immediately available to the body. They also contain phosphorus, necessary for normal growth and development of bone in children and as indicated by the European Community and beta carotene. Scientific research has shown that increased intake of certain assets including the beta carotene is associated with a lower risk of getting pancreatic cancer. In the feeding of Mediterranean people drying of fruit was a practice known and widely used because it offered a good alternative to the easy availability of fresh fruit during the winter. Dried fruit gently in the Mediterranean sunshine remained a convenient reservoir from which draw nutrients. Dried apricots under 40° contain the same amount of vitamins and all minerals present in the fresh fruit and possess an important fiber content. Also are a good source of lycopene and lutein, which give the yellow-orange color. Apricots are a good source of potassium, vitamin C and vitamin a. The apricot is a fruit with good digestibility. Why consume our "apricots"? -our certified organic crops from fruit -our dried fruit is not treated with sulphur dioxide (to deactivate the enzymes that ruin the fruit) -dried fruit processing costs less time at high temperatures, but at the expense of nutrients We suggest that you eat dried fruit in the morning at breakfast or as a snack. Nutritional values 241 kcal/Kj/1007 3.39 g proteins 0.51 g fats of which saturates 0.05 g Fat insatur 0.14 g 62.64 g carbohydrates of which sugars 53.44 g 7.30 g fiber Salt 25 mg 71 mg phosphorus 1162 mg potassium Vitamin A 3604.00 UI Beta Carotene 2163.00 Mcg package: from 250 g

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