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Meat Grass Fed


The red meat we buy at the supermarket counter, commonly, whether it is first choice, organic or from a controlled source, still has & nbsp; negative aspects & nbsp; not to be overlooked, unfortunately underestimated.

Just to start & egrave; & nbsp; pro-inflammatory , why & eacute; it has a low proportion of omega-3 fatty acids compared to omega-6. It also has a much more nourishing value; low & nbsp; of ci & ograve; which we believe.

What to do then? Become a vegetarian? No!

The answer lies in the meat raised exclusively in & nbsp; forage and grass , so-called & nbsp; grass-fed , as it was up to 200 years ago.
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The properties of meat & nbsp; grass fed

The meat of the cattle fed in this way, and not stuffed with cereals, has the properties; considerably higher nutritional values. Greater & nbsp; omega-3 content & nbsp; compared to omega-6, & nbsp; lower saturated fat content , a ratio of polyunsaturated / saturated plus fat; high and a higher level; high: conjugated linoleic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C, beta-carotene and & nbsp; last but not least & nbsp; contains & nbsp; more proteins .
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What does the search tell us?

Several scientific studies, gi & agrave; for several years they have been supporting the benefits of choosing meat & nbsp; grass-fed .

For example Mandell and collaborators, in a study published in 1998 on & nbsp; J Anim Sci , & ldquo; Effect of forage vs grain feeding on carcass characteristics & hellip; & rdquo;, analyzing the carcasses of heads that had been bred to fodder and those fed with cereals (wheat), found in the latter a greater weight of the head, a greater share of intramuscular and global fat compared to the carcasses of grass-fed animals, for the same breeding duration.

Finally, the & nbsp; grass-fed meat had a higher & nbsp; high linoleic acid content & nbsp; associated with a low concentration of oleic acid.

Find meat from farms open (obviously & nbsp; grass-fed ) does not & egrave; simple, but not impossible. You had already heard of this type of meat? After reading this article, you will be looking for meat & nbsp; grass-fed ?


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